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Barnes & Noble Bummer

There has been much discussion about the demise of the brick and mortar bookstores … first the indies, then Borders, and now there are grumblings on the horizon about Barnes & Noble (and its not-so-hot Nook).

So, after traveling for two days (from the Pacific northwest to southern California) and needing a good place to hang out  while I waited for my sister, I thought B & N would be perfect, especially with my line of work (and the fact that I love books!) I could  support the good old-fashioned “book store” and catch up on a little work at the same time.

b and nWith little battery life left on my laptop, I imagined sitting at the in-store cafe and hooking up (I know, that has a whole different meaning!) and was surprised there were no outlets. So, being a good consumer, I grabbed a latte and wandered to the magazine section – where lo and behold –  an electrical outlet peeked out from beneath a bench. Perfect … until the salesgirl informed me that the plugs were not for public use.

Now I understand that a bookstore is a STORE – and that it’s purpose is to sell things. It is not a public library or community center. People are not encouraged to “loiter.”

But why can’t it be both? Aren’t people more apt to purchase an item in a place where they feel connected (no pun intended) and welcome? In light of the fact that consumers are flocking to online stores, I would think a traditional property might want to be more than a drive-by and instead, be a destination …

In the meantime, I guess I’ll go to Starbucks.


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