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What the font?

It’s no secret that fonts come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Deciding which one we want to use for our great American novel is a daunting task.

fontsI’ve always cautioned writers to find readable fonts, nothing fancy or cute, especially when submitting to publishers for acceptance.

Yet it never occurred to me that some fonts were more economical than others! Kudos to the young man who accidentally discovered just that. Beginning his quest by wanting to make his school more environmentally friendly, he has now challenged the U.S. government to become more fiscally responsible.

For the full story about the “best” font, click here:

Spoiler alert: Garamond gets the gold.

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Window Dressing

photoWe know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The challenge, then, is to write a thousand words which evoke an image so vivid that we can’t believe what we are seeing (reading), so powerful that we want to stop and stare (reread), so unique that we wish we’d thought of it ourselves.


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