About me

No matter where I am or what I’m doing, the question eventually arises:

“That’s J – A – M – I – E, right?”

To which I usually sigh and respond:

“No, just J – A – M – I … no E.”

My mother told me that each letter of a baby’s name had to be manually printed on the birth certificate; the more letters in a name, the longer it took and the more money it cost.  The shorter the name, the cheaper. Being a teenage mom and young Air Force dad, funds were too tight to pay for more letters than absolutely necessary. I believed her.

Lately, though, I’ve decided that when the situation arises again, and it will, I will NOT correct my questioner’s spelling. Who cares if there’s an “E” or not, as long as I’m called by my name? After teaching and counseling high school students for almost 30 years, I realize I could be called a lot worse.

Speaking of the illustrious “E,” please email me at jamicarpenter@yahoo.com and visit www.redpengirl.com for information about my professional editing services. I look forward to hearing from you!


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