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Tune in to Writing Tips

Whether  a novice or veteran, we often need inspiration – and sometimes instruction – to develop or improve our writing. But where can we turn for sage advice?

Local colleges, community centers, and writers’ groups offer classes, support, and symposiums … but they are often costly as well as difficult to schedule.

Now through iTunes, writers can access a veritable plethora of courses, both general and genre-specific, for free! Check out the list below, courtesy of

New Mexico State’s Mythology Course

Open University’s Creative Writing Course

Washington College’s The Tolkien Professor Course

Oxford University’s Approaching Shakespeare Course

Liberty University’s Composition & Rhetoric Course

Open University’s Start Writing Fiction Course

Oxford University’s Tolkien at Oxford Course

Stanford University’s Literature of Crisis Course

Missouri State University’s Knights & Maidens Literature Course

University of Alabama’s Zombies! The Living Dead in Literature Course

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